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2019 Concert Series


Saturday March 16

Rock Hearts

Formed in 2013, Rock Hearts brings together five veteran musicians from southern New England who love to sing and pick bluegrass, old country tunes, and seek out newer tunes from other genres to “bluegrass-ify. 

The band consists of Joe Deetz on banjo, Alex MacLeod on guitar, Billy Tibodeau on mandolin, Danny Musher on fiddle and Pete Kelly on bass.  The band has recently been featured at the pemi bluegrass festival, and will be playing at Jenny Brook Bluegrass festival this summer.  They also stopped in at bob dicks studio here in northbridge and recorded several songs.  Visit their website at www.rockheartsbluegrass.com to hear some samples and check out their band bios.  Folks, this will be some great bluegrass tonight!


Saturday April  13


SloGrass, a Central Massachusetts recording and performance band, has been entertaining New England audiences for over 25 years

with its unique brand of Acoustic Americana Bluegrass; with lively instrumentals featuring banjo, dobro, mandolin, guitar, and acoustic bass; with vocal selections showcasing rich, 2-3-4 part harmonies.  SloGrass features Fran McConville on mandolin, Bob Dick on bass, David DiBiasio on banjo, dobro, and nylon string guitar, and Mark Whiting Davis on guitar.  Just what is SloGrass??
  SLO = Sustainable - Local - Organic


Check out the band at www.slograss.com for more info!!

SloGrass photo 24


Saturday May 11

Blackstone Valley Bluegrass

The Blackstone Valley, often referred to as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, runs from Worcester, MA to Providence, RI. In the 1800's many of the farming communities here turned to the Blackstone River, one of the most powerful rivers in the country, to lead the way to a new way of life. Mills were built all along the river and employed thousands of people. Canals were constructed, then the railroads, and the turnpikes. Blackstone Valley Bluegrass was formed the summer of 1998 and the original band members all had ties to the area, so the band was aptly named Blackstone Valley Bluegrass, following a tradition in bluegrass music for naming yourself after your locality. Newest member Tim St. Jean joins Dave & Bob Dick and Ken Taylor. Tim may not be from the Blackstone Valley, but he is from a similar area just a few miles westward, Putnam CT where the Quinebaug River runs right through the downtown. Blackstone Valley Bluegrass plays traditional, original, and contemporary bluegrass music with powerful 3 and 4 part harmonies, tasteful and innovative picking, and as always, a good dose of fun! Visit www.blackstonevalleybluegrass for more!

Blackstone Valley Bluegrass @ Grass Roots Coffeehouse 2018!

All shows start at 7:30 PM; doors open at 6:45

Hot food, beverages and dessert available before the show and during intermission.

Admission: $15/$5 children under 16

Seating is on a first come/first serve basis.

Parking is limited, please be considerate of our neighbors as the streets are narrow.  DO NOT BLOCK ANY DRIVEWAYS PLEASE!


Street parking on Ash St., and other side streets in the area is available.


Thanks to Krissy Dick, Jean Taylor, Pam Betts and all the folks from Rockdale Congregational Church who support the coffeehouse, run the kitchen and bring in great food for all to enjoy!                       

7:30 PM doors open at 6:45
Hot food, beverages and dessert available!
Admission: $15/ $5 children under 16
The Grass Roots Coffeehouse is located at the Rockdale Congregational Church, 42 Fowler Road in Northbridge, MA
For more info email aplandbob@aol.com or call 617-429-0347

The Grass Roots Coffeehouse was formed around the year 2000 to promote Bluegrass music in the Blackstone Valley and to provide a comfortable place for the community to enjoy great music.  The first few shows were benefits to help in the restoration of the Rockdale Congregational Church and it's parsonage.  We have had many great artists come and play and hope to continue to keep the doors of our church open to the community.  We are entirely volunteer run by members of the Rockdale Congregational Church.  The concerts are held in our function room, with the exception of the annual "Christmas in the New England" concert which is held in the sanctuary.  We offer hot foods like chili or soups, sometimes other dishes too, plus great desserts, and of course, coffee! 

Other artists who have performed at Grass Roots:

Grass Routes Bluegrass

Phil Rosenthal

Howie Newman

Bob Amos

Slograss          Click here Slograss performing "Song My Heart Sings" at Grass Roots Coffeehouse!

huck & Mud

The Pine Hill Ramblers

Erica Brown

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